Top Sportsbooks For U.S. Players

SportsbookInsiders has done extensive reviews of the best sports betting websites on the internet and here is our list of the top sportsbooks for U.S. players. If you’re located in Canada or the United Kingdom and are looking for the top UK sportsbooks or top Canadian sportsbooks, be sure to check out our respective rankings for those regions as well as our overall list.

   Sportsbook Highlight Deposit Bonus Grade

Highlight Best Customer Service

Deposit Bonus 20% Freeplay

Grade 89.5/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Fast Payouts

Deposit Bonus 20-50% Bonus

Grade 97.5/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Early Lines, Fast Grading

Deposit Bonus 20% Bonus

Grade 91/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Awesome Loyalty Program

Deposit Bonus 20% Freeplay

Grade 90/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Low Juice

Deposit Bonus N/A

Grade 92/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Big Bonuses

Deposit Bonus 50-100% Freeplay

Grade 90/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Reliable Brand

Deposit Bonus 50% Bonus

Grade 86.5/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Good All-Around

Deposit Bonus Up To 50% Freeplay

Grade 86/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight SkyBook

Deposit Bonus Up To 100% Freeplay

Grade 85.5/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight Top-Rated Book

Deposit Bonus Up to 45% Bonus

Grade 98/100 (Read Full Review)


Highlight On The Rise

Deposit Bonus 20% Bonus

Grade 94/100 (Read Full Review)