5Dimes Sportsbook Review

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5Dimes sportsbook has excellent customer service, a pristine reputation, a wide variety of sports betting lines and loads betting options; the website is simple yet fast; it's a trustworthy company that pays out quickly and reliably.


Minimal live betting opportunities, lack of entertainment props; mobile betting platform could be better.


97.5 /100


While few sportsbooks do everything well, 5Dimes is above average in almost every category. They are reliable, trustworthy and offer plenty of betting options. Betting at 5Dimes is an excellent experience and you have the comfort knowing that you're dealing with one most reputable - if not the most - respected company in the sports betting game.

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About 5Dimes Sportsbook

With so many sportsbooks pulling out of big markets or folding up shop completely, 5Dimes is left standing as one of the few longstanding, reliable pillars in the industry. Be it in a crowd as they were before or now as they stand among the few and the proud, 5Dimes has always been a great sportsbook that provides early lines, a home for players both big and small, and customer service that’s truly commendable. Throw in some low juice lines and a large variety of betting options, and that’s why they hold the top spot.

With security, trust and customer service standing behind a good product, they should be at the top of your list when you consider opening a sportsbook account.

How To Contact 5Dimes

Phone: 1-800-305-3517

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

5Dimes has a pristine resume in the sports betting industry. As anyone can tell you, a sportsbook doesn’t go very far without a good reputation and they are among the leaders.

Customer concerns are dealt with efficiently in-house and you’d be hard-pressed to find any type of issue that they haven’t dealt with themselves. Since they are so proactive about giving their customers good service, their reputation has been spotless.

Who Bets At 5Dimes?

5Dimes is one of the few sportsbooks that is a home for all: experts and amateurs.

They cater to the sharps by offering low juice accounts – or lines – as well as overnight lines for almost every event, and they are unique for the fact that they allow some very diverse parlays to go through. They will also let you tease halftime lines, which is a hard-to-find option.

For the casual bettors, they offer up various bonus packages from big match play bonuses or even cash back on losses (15%).

It’s a sportsbook that has a lot to offer to everyone, and depending on where you are with your game, they will customize accounts for you.

Deposit Methods

Western Union (fees covered on deposits of $250)

Netspend Gift Cards



Withdrawal Methods

Money Order (One free per 31 days)

FedEx Cheque (One free per 31 days)

Bank Wire (One free per 31 days)


How Is Their Customer Service?

5Dimes are the clear-cut leaders in customer service.

For starters, they are easy to contact – there’s no limited hours of operation or times where you can’t pick up the phone and talk to someone from their company. The list of phone numbers are splashed right on their front page and they always welcome a call.

If you prefer to avoid the voices, e-mail and live chat are also avenues of contact.

It’s pretty much the industry standard for a sportsbook to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and every week of the year, and 5Dimes meets that bar. They go one step further as they have backup phone numbers for contact in the times that their regular lines are overwhelmed by traffic.

You can even send them a fax, if you like, which is also listed openly on the front page.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

5Dimes has a simple website that’s easy to navigate for new-wave techies to internet newbies. There’s no high-flying pyrotechnics or eye-dazzling flash, but to be fair, it’s purposely made simple so that anyone can easily place a bet. After all, picking winners is hard enough as is so why rack your brain even more with complicated software?

It’s pretty much just a point-and-click system with checkboxes. Check off the sports you and and the lines will appear. Click it off and the lines quickly clear away.

The bottom line is that it’s simple and fast. Within a few clicks, you’re ready to confirm your back and get back to your regularly scheduled program.

Without a doubt, the biggest pro to this system is there are no loading times – even on a bad connection or rush hour, you can still get your bets in with ease.

For mobile users, there is a dedicated site for them but for all intents and purposes, it’s basically the same site. It works, but mobile users would probably like something a little more specifically tailored to smart phones and touch screens.

Methods of Betting



Reviewing The Rest Of The 5Dimes Website

When you land on 5Dimes.com, you definitely won’t think the main page is as sexy as Christina Hendricks in a low-cut top. It’s a fairly vanilla look with very basic graphics.

They’ve recently given it some life with a rotating splash on the front page, but it’s really not much more than that.

On the lefthand side, you’ll find an archive of their newsletters, in the center you’ll see some promos and on the right are phone numbers. It’s a little skinny overall, but considering most people will be directly going to log in and bet, it’s not a big deal.

Speaking of which, the login box is right on the front page, which is nice to have. Some sportsbooks will redirect you to a login page, and then you’ll have to login, but that’s simply redundant. 5Dimes has it right.

If you’re looking to check out the live lines, the option is available right at the top of the page. You are most welcome to browse before betting, which is another feature that some sportsbooks skimp on, but 5Dimes offers openly.

In the logged in state, the website is very clean and organized. Your options of “Bet The Board”, “Straight” or “Parlay” are presented right away, and your balance and pending bets are visible on every page, which again saves you clicks.

5Dimes may not be the most modern-looking site but as bettors, we’ll gladly trade aesthetics for speed and functionality.

Betting Variety

5Dimes has excellent betting variety…when it comes to the realm of sports.

If you’re aiming for pretty much any type of betting in the world of sports, 5Dimes has it…but where they don’t really dabble is the wild and wacky. For example: if you want to bet on whether or not (or simply when) Lindsay Lohan will break her probation, this wouldn’t be the shop to do it.

But if you want an above average lineup of sports bets as well as great props and futures relating to the major leagues, you’ll find it here.

The reason we denote it as above average is that they do go above and beyond the “regular” call of duty with their futures for major sports. They’ll give you yes/no options on NFL teams to win a division, or make the playoffs, which is unique to the other books that will only let you bet on who you think will win – not necessarily to lose.

They also impress with their depth of college football game lines. They’ll post lines on pretty much every game on the college football board – even FCS games – and contests from the FBS where other sportsbooks won’t bother. If you’re a sharp who really knows your college football, this is one of the few places anywhere – online or in person – where you can bet those games.

As far as some of the exotic bets go, 5Dimes again rocks it with their massive 20-point football teasers and their 16-point basketball teasers. Again, it’s above the industry standard of the 7-10-point teaser range that is offered widely.

And while we have been praising them quite a bit for all of the good things they do offer, they definitely take a shot for not offering live betting. Not only is live betting fun, new-wave and a really good selling point for a sportsbook, it somewhat dates 5Dimes a bit that they don’t offer it and it shows they aren’t quite there with the times when it comes to internet technology – at least in that realm.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $5,000

NBA Games: $5,000

NHL Games: $5,000

MLB Games: $5,000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

5Dimes has somewhat of an elaborate bonus and rebate program, and it’s really just the company offering up a number of options to give the customers the opportunity to customize their account to their needs.

Most sportsbooks will make it simple, but ‘simple’ in that case is really just offering you less. They’ll give you a deposit bonus and maybe a re-up bonus, but nothing more. 5Dimes gives you options.

The three main options for your account are the following: low juice, cashback or bigger bonuses.

The reduced juice option is best for sharps who understand the importance of paying less per bet. This type of account gives you cheaper prices on all moneylines across the board.

If you choose the bigger bonuses, then instead of the low juice you’ll get regular lines, but you’ll receive a 20-50% freeplay to use in the sportsbook (the percentage varies based on which deposit method you choose as well as the amount you deposit). You can also instead take a 50% matchplay. While those are tied to your initial deposit, with the bonuses account, you’ll get some perks when you reload, including 20% on subsequent deposits (again varying on deposit methods and amounts).

Lastly, you can go for the cashback program, which is kind of like betting insurance. You won’t get reduced juice or big bonuses when you deposit, but you’ll receive 15% cash back on all of your sportsbook losses twice a year. You can get that rebate once before the Super Bowl and once before the start of the NFL preseason.

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