Bet365 Sportsbook Review

Sportsbook Reviews


Excellent website, beautiful and advanced live betting product, live streaming of games. Publically traded company, so you’ll never worry about trust or the security of your money. Seamless withdrawals and deposits.


No low juice; do not take American customers.


92 /100


A sportsbook where you can bet all the major events live…a sportsbook where you can login and stream-watch the events right from your account…a sportsbook with a great track record of trust and security…are we dreaming? There’s no need for a pinch as Bet365 does all of those and more. It feels like a sales pitch but really, aside from the lack of low juice, there’s no knocking this book. Try it and you’ll see: they are among the premier spots to bet and with they are undoubtedly the trailblazers from a tech perspective. This isn’t a sales pitch; it’s a genuine complement for a job well done.

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About Bet365 Sportsbook

Betting at Bet365 is like driving in a Mercedez-Benz. While you get the nice plush seats, a luxurious ride and an excellent overall experience, you do have to pay a little bit extra for the premium gas. Their juice is a tad high but really that’s the only knock on one of the most advanced, trusted and respected sportsbooks on the net.

Methods of Contact
Call (Canada): 1-866-273-0934
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: 1-866-273-0933
Live Chat

What’s Their Reputation?

Bet365 has one of the most respected reputations among online sportsbooks when it comes to financial security. As a publicly traded company in the United Kingdom, there’s never even a question about them closing up the shop in the middle of the night and disappearing like some Caribbean books, there are no concerns about payouts and there’s really no games.

It’s just a public sportsbook that treats the customer well; it’s what a Vegas casino would look like if they went all-out and put up an online betting portal. Like a Vegas casino, there’s no low juice, but like a Vegas casino, it’s a good experience and a place you want to come back to.

Who Bets At Bet365 Sports?

It’s definitely a public player’s paradise.

Their live-betting product offers lines (and even higher juice) on almost any event imaginable, they have a slew of props – both in and out of game – and they have they have soft lines. Those all attract the casual bettor.

It is worth noting that some sharps do use Bet365 and their live-betting product in buy-back opportunities. If their original bets don’t look good, they do often have the chance to bet the other side and get some losses back at Bet365.

Deposit Methods
Bank Wire
Money TT

Withdrawal Methods
Bank Wire
Money TT

How Is Their Customer Service?

Bet365 has pleasant customer service, as you would expect from a public company.

It’s all kinds of awesome dealing with British phone operators as it kind of feels like you’re calling up your butler when you place bets. But on a serious note, the British do have a feel for etiquette and manners, and it does show through compared to the offshore operators we’ve dealt with in the past.

There’s many ways to contact Bet365 and if you’re ever looking for a good sign about customer service, consider it a red flag 95% of the time if it’s very hard to contact your book.

You can call Bet365 – for Canada alone they have about 10 numbers to contact. You can fax them, they have a call back service, they have live chat, you can e-mail them and they even openly post their full mailing address and welcome snail mail.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Betting at Be365 is very simple as it’s merely about navigating through menus. Your bet slip is always on the right-hand side – when you’re logged in or out – and the sports are on the left. As you click through, they appear in the middle, and then you can narrow your selections.

Instead of elaborating on the offense, we felt it’s more useful to talk about how their live-betting works to give you some insight.

The one key you have to keep in mind here is that this is real live betting. Some sportsbooks offer live betting during commercials, in between quarters and so on, but Bet365 offers live-betting through 95% of the game, so right off the bat you have to realize that this moves very fast.

The lines can change almost every play, so you’ve got to be quick to confirm your bets. The lines can change whether the first pitch is a ball or a strike, or whether the first free throw is made or missed, or whether the first down play went for eight yards versus two. Naturally, you have to react just as quickly.

One handy feature they do have is that they update the lines of your selection after you’ve added it to your bet slip. So if you’ve added the New England Patriots -200 on the moneyline in-game, and Tom Brady throws a touchdown and now they are up by seven points, the line will automatically adjust to make the Patriots a bigger favorite. Obviously, you won’t be happy if you didn’t get your bet confirmed in time and the price went up, but that’s how live betting works.

Another point to highlight here is their mobile product. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ll notice that Bet365 takes you to a separate site tailored for mobile users when you surf there through your phone.

It’s a good look as there is minimal scrolling and typing; the menus and buttons are bigger so that you don’t have to zoom in 10x to make sure you’re clicking on the right text. You are also able to do live betting via the mobile product and you don’t even have to refresh the pages as the lines will update for you. Another job well done.

Methods of Betting

Reviewing The Rest Of The Bet365 Website

Bet365’s website really deserves plenty of credit. While most websites on the internet continue to get flashier, cooler and more advanced, Bet365 is probably one of two sportsbooks that really stays up to date with the cutting edge.

Their web team should win awards for the product they’ve made. Across the board, it might actually blow your mind when you realize how much value they offer the customer.

Their live-betting product is phenomenal. Their mobile website is perfect tuned for iPhone, Android and other smartphone users – and you can even live-bet from their mobile site. When you login, you can often stream sports feeds of some events (although it’s often obscure European sports, it’s still unheard of for a sportsbook to allow you to watch the events on their site).

There’s also just a sheer level of intuitiveness that’s appreciated. For example, if you login and your account is empty, a box pops up immediately allowing you to deposit with your credit card remembered. You’ll be happy about it when time is of the essence.

Or even something like their how-to section, which is a crisp and clean walkthrough of how to use the cool features on their site.

Their home page is dynamic and is usually filled with the lines of games that are going on or about to start. Another intuitive feature that they’ve set up is that you can add a game to your ticket even before you’ve logged in. If you’re just browsing and find something, click it to add it to your ticket, and then when you log in, the bet is right there – you don’t have to search for it again.

These are handy little features that most sportsbooks don’t have, which is why we’re raving about this one. Truth be told, you can definitely live with the old school checkbox system where you log in, place your bets, confirm and go on with your business.

But if you’re looking for a burger, you can either get quick and easy fast food at White Castle, or you can get some real meat at a real restaurant: it’s still a burger, but there’s a big difference for some.

If the experience doesn’t matter to you, then you can bet anywhere. But if you want the best experience, Bet365’s website offers that.

Betting Variety

To give you a very basic taste of how much variety is offered at Bet365, we did a sample visit on after a Monday Night Football game at midnight:
-There are three events to live-bet, with over 20 options per event: an NHL game and two tennis matches
-Financials, such as the exchange rate for US Dollars and Euros, or many other currencies
-Casino, poker, bingo and games, such as X-Men and Iron Man 2 (What??? Really?!?!)
-Greyhounds racing, virtual sports, cycling, gaelic sports, handball, badminton and fustal – whatever that is.

And, of course, lines on all of the major stuff.

They definitely have variety.

It’s hard to pinpoint something that’s missing, but maybe the exotic entertainment stuff is not readily available here – although we have seen some scarce options in the past – and there are no real wild teasers (super teasers) available.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $4,125
NBA Games: $4,125
NHL Games: $1,650
MLB Games: $4,125

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

There is no loyalty program at Bet365.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

Bet365 offers customers a 100% bonus upon their first deposit, but that amount is capped at $200. You have to rollover your deposited amount once to unlock the bonus, and then you’ll have to roll it over three more times before you can withdraw it.

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