DSI Sportsbook Review

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Great reputation; loyalty program; solid customer service; they are a known brand with a quality background. You know you’re getting good service simply based on the name.


Login times are a hair slower than most other sportsbooks; had to dig to find the sports articles section.


91 /100


Diamond Sportsbook International is part of one of the most reputable brand names in the sports betting industry (BetCris). When it comes to overall reputation, that crew is tough to beat. Trust parlayed with good customer service is why this book has gathered a strong name throughout this generation.

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About DSI Sportsbook

Diamond Sportsbook International – or DSI, if you like acronyms – comes to us from the BetCris family, which is a respectable brand name in the industry. It’s like buying wine from France or cars from Germany: you know you’re getting quality.

Therefore, you can rest easy depositing at DSI knowing that you’re putting your money into a reliable sportsbook with a good reputation that provides good service. As the U.S. market seems to have a big grey area these days, this is one product you can rely on.

Methods of Contact

Phone: 1-800-965-0506
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

As mentioned in the introduction, DSI is part of the BetCris family, which is one of the most reputable brand names in online gambling. Think BMW when it comes to cars or Henkels when it comes to knives: they are in that type of a caliber in this realm.

Good services and good reliability. That’s always going to give them a big leg up.

Who Bets At DSI?

DSI attracts a sharper crowd as the whole BetCris family tends to get the betting lines up very early; they’re among the leaders in that category. It’s sometimes hard to tell who’s posted the first lines of the day/week, but it doesn’t really matter. We’d classify the sportsbooks into those who open the lines early and those that don’t; DSI definitely falls into the early category.

Since they do so many other things right, they also attract a reasonably-sized recreational crowd. Their loyalty points, betting options and customer service tends to catch the eye of the casual player.

It’s a watering hole where everyone can drink from.

Deposit Methods

Western Union (fees covered on deposits on $300 or more)
Bank Wire ($3000 minimum)
Credit Card
Debit Card

Withdrawal Methods

Courier Cheque (One free per calendar month
Western Union (One free per calendar month
Bank Wire
Credit Card
Debit Card

How Is Their Customer Service?

Their customer services makes for a fairly hassle-free experience. Maybe it’s because big phone and internet companies make us deal with Indian call centers nowadays that nobody seems to mind as much calling offshore for sportsbook customer service, but I digress.

DSI has top of the line service and their phone reps are very easy to deal with. They know what they’re doing, which unfortunately we can’t say unequivocally is industry standard.

You can reach them a number of ways 24/7/365 (listed above).

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Placing a bet at DSI is a basic process. There isn’t anything too fancy about their betting engine and if there is one qualm to be had, it’s that logging in takes a couple of seconds longer at their site than most others. It may sound like some minor nitpicking, but if you can notice that it’s slower, then it’s taking too long. After all, us bettors can be impatient when trying to hop on a line.

Once you do get in, you’ll see the main section of lines in the middle of the page with check boxes to pinpoint and narrow the categories. As per usual, the right-hand side is where you will find your account number, balance, etc.

After you check a box and update the lines, they’ll flow in the center of the screen. Then you pick what you want again, enter the amount and confirm the bet.

If you’ve used any of the other BetCris sportsbooks, this one will be fairly familiar to you – it’s basically the same.

Methods of Betting


Reviewing The Rest Of The DSI Website

DSI has a very versatile website that is in with the times.

From a content perspective, they have a steady flow of sports betting articles – although they are seemingly hard to find. The link to the sports news section is hidden in the footer, so you have to know it’s there or you won’t notice it.

As for their mobile version, they do deserve full marks for building something that is more tailored to the touchscreen of an Android or iPhone. It’s much easier to log in and navigate when you’re on a mobile device thanks to that recognition.

There’s a couple of things you can nitpick with. If you can find their stats section, you’ll notice that it’s a dead page. And sometimes their counters – a cool, little graphic that times down to NFL kickoff or Super Bowl – is in negative numbers and is way off the regular time. But these are just cosmetics.

The rest of the site is fine, functional and looks good enough to keep bettors happy.

Betting Variety

DSI has decent variety as far as betting lines are concerned. The four major sports are obviously covered but they offer way more than that. That’s right handball fans: they have all the Danish and German league handball action you can handle!

As far as the regular lines, they are typically the ones opening the lines for each of the sport, so everything is present. They’ll go off-the-cuff with some entertainment props and exotics on a regular basis as well.

They are now offering live betting in limited amounts as well, so that’s a good sign of growth. There are plenty of options for betting at DSI.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $10,000
NBA Games: $5,000
NHL Games: $5,000
MLB Games: $5,000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

DSI has an identical loyalty program as BetCris and Bookmaker:

When you open up your account and make a deposit, you get Gold Membership status. The more you bet, the sooner you move up to Platinum and Diamond status. You can immediately start in Platinum if you deposit $1500 or more off the bat.

As you continue to roll up action, you gather BetPoints, which can then be used for more free payouts, cash back incentives or swag from the store.

It seems like loyalty programs are a dying breed, so it’s nice to see that DSI – and the BetCris family – still makes a concerted effort to keep it around. It’s a nice perk.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

As is the case with the loyalty program, DSI follows the BetCris guidelines for their bonus program.

When you first deposit, you get a 20% free play bonus tied-in with a five-time rollover. You can also opt for a 10% bonus with a three-time rollover for those who are concerned about the amount of action you need to accumulate. For subsequent deposits, you get the same 10% free play bonus/three-time rollover.

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