BetFair Review: Matchmaker

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Very low juice, forum right on their website; cool concept that makes betting really fun; excellent live betting


Can’t always bet as much as you’d like on a side, concept can be confusing to start


89.5 /100


Betting exchanges are always a cool concept and BetFair is the biggest one. You’ll pay very little juice at this book and have an enjoyable time betting using their system. Throw in a good reputation to boot and it makes lots of sense to deposit at BetFair and have them as part of your arsenal.

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About BetFair Sportsbook

BetFair is kind of like the Ebay of sportsbooks: they match buyers and sellers, and only take their commission. It’s a betting exchange, which is a concept they’ve pioneered. It means they work as a matchmaker and don’t take on the action themselves. That means you’ll always get low juice and great lines. With one of the best reputations in the business, along with a cool website and community, it’s definitely a fun place to play.

How To Contact BetFair

Phone: 1-866-381-7119

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

BetFair has a great reputation and it’s really one of the more fun books to be a part of. In betting circles, it’s often talked about as having among the lowest juice on the net and just the overall set up (being an exchange) adds to the nightly experience.

As far as payouts, customer service and reputation, BetFair is squeaky clean. You’re in good hands with this U.K. book.

Who Bets At BetFair?

BetFair tends to lend itself to more of a sharp crowd as the main attraction is low juice. There’s a bit of a learning curve with this book as well, so the casual bettor who just wants to quickly bet some money won’t find it as easy here as they might at a simpler shop. You’ll have to understand what ‘back’ and ‘lay’ means, as well as ‘payout’ and ‘liability’, and for Joe Q. Public, it might be easier to just use conventional methods.

Deposit Methods


Credit Cards


Western Union

Bank Wire


Withdrawal Methods


Credit Cards


Western Union

Bank Wire


How Is Their Customer Service?

BetFair has excellent customer service, as virtually all U.K. books do. Their operators are polite and courteous, their operations are smooth and there’s hardly ever a complaint of any kind.

Payouts come very quickly and it’s really a well-oiled machine. Being one of the biggest books in the U.K., one wouldn’t expect any less.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Betting at BetFair has a learning curve as you have to understand some terminology and recognize what you are getting into.

The good news is they have tutorial videos but again, the fact that they have tutorial videos shows that you’re not at a basic sportsbook.

When you open up the markets for any given game, you’ll be presented with four main options (for the most part): in the simplest terms, there is a buy and sell price on each team.

So if the New England Patriots are playing the New York Giants, there will be two prices on the Patriots to win and two prices on the Giants to win. When the people buying the Patriots to win and selling the Patriots to win agree on a price, that’s when the bet is in action.

In otherwords, if you post a price of 100-1 on your bet that the Patriots will win, the chance that somebody is willing to pay that outrageous price for something that has a reasonable chance of happening is unlikely. If no one accepts, then you don’t have a bet. But when the prices are reasonable, you do end up getting the action.

It’s really quite easy once you get the hang of it but since we’re reviewing how easy it is to bet on their site, the reality is that this is a betting exchange and just as you did when you first landed on Ebay’s website, you’ll realize there’s a learning curve here.

Methods of Betting




Reviewing The Rest Of The BetFair Website

BetFair has a very smooth, clean site, which deserves high marks. They do a good job of looking well-groomed but there isn’t a ton of flash or graphics fighting for your attention.

One of the coolest features of the site is that there is a big community right on their site. Not only is there a fully active forum where bettors can congregate, there is also plenty of content where readers can come by and get their picks.

If you’re a BetFair newbie, they have a help and learning section, which will walk you through the entire site. That’s a real pleasure to have as the videos make it a breeze. You can see that someone has taken the time to understand that their users might be a little confused when they visit for the first time and they’ve come up with a good way to get you in the action quickly.

They have some other nice touches on the site, such as the fact that you can choose your home page either depending on your country or depending on which page you want to visit first (sports, poker, forums, etc.).

They’ve also got live streaming video of certain events on the site (mostly European sports) and a handy little feature is a TV guide, that shows you listings of all the sporting events and what channels they’ll be on.

BetFair also has a fantastic mobile website that you can reach right from your iPhone or Android browser and use it there, but Android users can go to the marketplace and also get a dedicated app.

Overall, they’ve really put a lot of tender, loving care into this website and you really get that feel when you use it.

Betting Variety

BetFair has plenty of variety and we’d have a tough time believing anyone would be bored here.

From American sports, to European events, to politics, to financials to horse racing to all sorts of live betting, they are fully loaded. One thing that is lacking is exotics as betting exchanges have a tough time offering teasers, if bets and the like as they are tricky at a spot like this.

But as far as the major sports and the offering of day-to-day lines, there is a big buffet at BetFair and even the hungriest of betting mouths get fed endless action here.

Betting Limits

Since this is a betting exchange, the betting limits work a little bit differently here.

In this type of a set up, technically you can bet as much or as little as you want on any side. If you hang out with Lil Wayne and Birdman, and want to lay six-figure bets like them then nobody will stop you at BetFair.

But the problem is that since you’re not playing against the house, you are limited by what someone will accept on the other side.

If you’re betting on European sports or very popular North American events, then you should be fine. But keep in mind that for many NFL sides – not including Monday Night Football or other primetime games – you might be limited under $500 for bets.

Soccer fans and European bettors probably won’t have any problems with the limits as all of those events are popular and have plenty of action on both sides for matching, but North American bettors might feel left out.

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

BetFair has a couple of different promotions to wet your whistle and you can choose the one that works best for you.

The first is a simple $50 bonus where they’ll refund losses of bets up to $50 in the first week of your account. In other words, it’s a $50 freeplay. The good news is there is no rollover involved, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The second bonus is for parlay players where they offer you a one-time bonus-enhancing parlay of up to 25% growth. How it works is you’ll have to play at least a three-team parlay with odds of 3-to-1 or higher, and they’ll boost you if it hits. If you hit a three-teamer, they’ll increase the payout by 5%. If you hit a four-teamer, they’ll increase the parlay payout to 7.5%. If it’s a five-teamer, it will climb to 10% and a six-teamer 25%.

The latter bonus is definitely creative and parlay players will appreciate that.

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