BetGuardian Sportsbook Review

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Big deposit bonus, worthy reputation, fast payouts; sleek-looking home page


no-frills website; old school betting engine


86 /100


BetGuardian has everything that you need for day-to-day betting and they have one of the bigger bonuses in the industry to boot. It’s an overall solid shop and is recommended for a good betting experience.

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About BetGuardian Sportsbook

BetGuardian comes from the JustBet family of sportsbooks, which means you’re dealing with a book that has a solid reputation and a quality background. Like JustBet, they have excellent bonuses, a steady no-frills website and fast-to-arrive payouts. When you add it all up, we can recommend this sportsbook as one of the better places for bettors to play.

How To Contact BetGuardian

Phone: 1-855-203-3336

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What’s Their Reputation?

BetGuardian sportsbook is just as trustworthy as JustBet, but their reputation trails it’s big brother a little bit simply because it isn’t as well known as JustBet. It seems like most of the marketing budget is spent on pushing JustBet and that’s why BetGuardian isn’t as strong of a brand name.

As far as actual functionality goes, these two books are identical so there is nothing to worry about in that regard.

Who Bets At BetGuardian?

BetGuardian is a recreational book and that’s the type of player they focus on.

Sharps look for early lines and low juice, but BetGuardian targets the recreational crowd with its huge bonus.

Sharps do tend to use BetGuardian as a place to shop around as there is often good value on the lines here going against the favorites. But for the most part this book is for the entertainment crowd.

Deposit Methods

Western Union

Credit Card


Money Orders

Bank wire



Click2PayCredit Card

Withdrawal Methods




How Is Their Customer Service?

BetGuardian has solid customer service and there are few complaints from players.

We also like to see when customer service responds to player requests and they did that in the last couple of years or so when players wanted to see a bigger variety of lines, and the book answered by doing exactly that. Any time we see that type of responsiveness, we’re happy.

They offer fast payouts and have several methods of contact if you ever have a concern. And when you do, it usually gets put to bed swiftly and efficiently.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

BetGuardian has a sleek-looking home page but the back end is a much simpler, more old school betting engine that all of us are familiar with. It’s just the good ‘ol checkbox system, where you check-off what you need and enter amounts next to the sides that you choose.

To be honest, it’s somewhat surprising to see such a sexy front end and such a barebones back end, but at the end of the day, you’re coming here to bet. The simpler and faster it works, the better it is for you.

One area where they especially deserve credit is with the mobile website. Nothing frustrates us more than having to visit regular sites and do all kinds of zooming with a smart phone and thanks to their mobile site, no one has to do that. It’s tailored to smartphones so that users have a much easier time betting.

Methods of Betting




Reviewing The Rest Of The BetGuardian Website

Just like its big brother JustBet, there isn’t a lot going on at BetGuardian’s website other than sports betting. While JustBet has an “Insider” section, which includes sports betting news and picks that are never updated, BetGuardian doesn’t even bother including a section like that. And fair enough: if it’s not going to be updated, then why bother?

Overall, the site looks sleek and is nice to look at, but there aren’t any other cool features here. It’s solely for sports betting.

Betting Variety

The variety at BetGuardian is identical to JustBet, which means it’s pretty good.

They aren’t the earliest to get the lines up but you’ll still find plenty of coverage regarding all of the major North American sports, soccer, fight sports and even entertainment props.

It’s an area where this book – as well as JustBet – have really improved as customers requested a bigger variety and customer service responded by getting a bigger variety of lines available to bet.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $1,000

NBA Games: $1,000

NHL Games: $1,000

MLB Games: $1,000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

BetGuardian does offer big bonuses and it’s worth noting that their bonus structure is different than JustBet.

The more you deposit, the bigger your bonus grows.

If you deposit between $100-$249, you’ll receive a 15% free play with a three-time rollover.

If the amount is between $250-$699, you’ll earn a 30% free play with a three-time rollover.

If the amount is between $700-$1299, you’ll earn a 40% free play with a seven-time rollover.

If the amount is between $1300-$2500, you’ll earn a 50% free play with a nine-time rollover.

A 50% free play is quite large, especially when you consider it can reach as much as $1250.

Each bonus also comes with Wager Warranty (which is two 10% free plays twice a year based on your net losses of each six-month period) and a 10% casino chip bonus as well.

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