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Excellent mobile betting site; the best golf props on the internet and good sports props overall. Game Chat is a nice touch; good customer service.


Reload bonus needs to be negotiated


89 /100


SportsInteraction is a well-rounded book that offers a good experience. With a good website, an even more impressive mobile website and good live betting, you’re bound to have a good time.

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About SportsInteraction Sportsbook

SportsInteraction is a sportsbook that keeps on giving. It’s a good place for recreational betting as the company continues to improve just as it has since its inception in 1997. Maybe before they were trying to climb the sportsbook power rankings, but now the website, the customer service and the live betting has improved to the point where it’s now among the best. SIA is a good place to deposit your money if you’re looking for a good sports betting time.

Methods of Contact

Phone: 1-888-922-5575


Live Chat

What’s Their Reputation?

SportsInteraction is one of the few sportsbooks located in Canada (opposed to offshore or in the United Kingdom) and their reputation is solid.

They had an audit by the Gaming Associates done in 2011 and they received a certificate for good standing, which is definitely a good sign.

It’s really a sportsbook that has continued to get better and better over time, and while the court of public opinion might have you believe they’re in that second tier of recreational books, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be in the conversation among the leaders.

Who Bets At SportInteraction?

SportsInteraction is a recreational player’s haven and it’s a good one to be a part of.

Their deposit bonus might be a bit weak but they do use an ad hoc system to reward players who have been there for a while (from time to time) and offer them unadvertised bonuses. It’s not a loyalty program but it’s nice to get that type of love from time to time since its in-house – not offered to absolutely everyone – and it does make the experience much better for some bettors.

Overall, they have good lines (no low juice), good live betting and tons of props, which gives you a smorgasbord full of variety. We’d also highlight their golf betting props, which are arguably the best that you’ll find anywhere.

Deposit Methods

Credit Card


Western Union (fee covered $300 or more)

Withdrawal Methods



Bank Wire

How Is Their Customer Service?

SporstInteraction has very good customer service and we might actually rate their phone service among the best in the game. Call it a minor nitpick, but it can be a tad frustrating when you call offshore – or even to the U.K. at times – and there are minor language frustrations. Being located in North America, you don’t get that issue with SportsInteraction and it does smooth out the call-ins, even though some people rarely use the phone nowadays.

SIA has been in the game since 1997 and we’ve had a long experience with them either betting or watching, and the best observation we can say is that they continually improve – customer service in particular. It’s not easy to make room for yourself in a crowded sportsbook industry and while they were a much smaller fry at one point, they’ve made strides across the board to get attention, get customers and get with the best.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Place a bet at SIA is pretty easy. They’ve got the standard layout with the categories on the left, the betting ticket on the right and the spread of lines appearing in the center. Just point and click, and the bet will be added to your bet slip on the right, which is where you confirm.

One feature that stood out was a check box right under your bet slip, which you can check off to get a bet receipt. It’s probably something that isn’t relevant to 95% of people, but for those who want that extra step of security/confirmation, it’s really easy to do.

Betting via the mobile website is equally as easy. For smart phones, the mobile site will appear with big buttons so you can easy find what you’re looking for with your finger. You don’t need to pinch and zoom; everything is nice and big and it operates quite smoothly so you can get the job done quickly.

Methods of Betting




Reviewing The Rest Of The SportsInteraction Website

It’s been nice to watch the SIA website grow into what it is today. The look or color scheme hasn’t necessary changed but they’ve found ways to efficiently add lots of features.

There’s a news and stats section, so you don’t have to go far to get injury information and betting trends. There are live scores readily available, if you’re so inclined to use it opposed to ESPN or Yahoo. One of our favorite tools is the section for the most popular bets, which is good for consensus information.

They’re one of the few sportsbooks to offer ‘Game Chat’, which is basically just a way for their clientele to chat while the games are going on. We’ve always been surprised that more sportsbooks don’t offer this, but this is a great feature that SIA offers to build the community. We all have the Tuesday nights where we’re home alone laying it down, so it’s nice to have someone live to talk to as chat is definitely a step above forums.

Beyond that, their live betting product deserves plenty of credit as it is really functional and it looks good too.

Lastly, they deserve full merits for their mobile betting site, which is easily among the best. iPhone and Android users will have a very smooth experience using their touch screens to bet at SportsInteraction and it’s right up there with the best of them – if not the best.

Betting Variety

SportsInteraction has good variety and they sure do love their props.

When the word ‘props’ is mentioned, sometimes the assumption is that the sportsbook is offering plenty of wild stuff like whether or not Lindsay Lohan will be back in jail, but SIA’s good variety of props is 99% sports related. They just have a good variety of ways to bet on the major sports that you like; it’s not just who’s going to win a game on a given night.

For example, they’ll regularly update divisional futures in the NFL or odds to win the Heisman Trophy each week after the action is complete. While most sportsbooks just offer these as futures at the beginning of the year and pull them once the action starts, SIA keeps these fresh from week to week.

They do a great job on golf props and not only PGA Tour action. They’ve got the Nationwide Tour, European Tour and Japanese action covered. It’s pretty wild how in depth some of their golf odds go, but they should probably be considered the best in the business.

Overall, it’s hard to imagine anyone being bored here.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $2200

NBA Games: $1100

NHL Games: $1100

MLB Games: $1100

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

SporstInteraction doesn’t have a public-announced loyalty program but they are known for doling out bonuses or various promotions from time to time to their loyal fan base. It’s a nice touch as bettors who are with the book get that exclusive feeling on those promotions since they aren’t offered to everyone who just walks off the street.

Keep in mind that this is ad hoc and left up to them; it’s not necessarily consistent based on any events, but they tend to throw you a bone from time to time.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

The deposit bonus at SIA is a 100% bonus up to $125 with a 10-time rollover.

They don’t have publicized reload bonuses but as mentioned in the loyalty section, they’ll likely set you up with something if you’re a regular and you call them up.

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