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Excellent betting variety, good live betting; very good customer service, fast live chat; solid payout history; pleasant website functionality


Small deposit bonus, have faced some customer grievances regarding the lowering of betting limits


82.5 /100


The perfect word to describe Victor Chandler is solid. They aren’t a shop for professional players but if you’re a recreational bettor looking for a good time, Victor Chandler will offer that with good payouts, good betting lines and a good reputation.

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About Victor Chandler Sportsbook

Victor Chandler is among a crew of U.K. books with solid reputations. They have good customer service with a clean payout history and very few complaints overall. The strength of this book is clearly its large array of betting lines and a solid variety of live betting line. If you’re a casual player looking to add another book to your repertoire, deposit at Victor Chandler for a good time.

How To Contact Victor Chandler

Phone: 00350 20006700

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

Victor Chandler is known as a solid U.K. book that tends to attract recreational players. They are secure, they have good payouts and overall – like many U.K. books – has a very clean rep.

They can be safely recommended.

Who Bets At Victor Chandler?

Victor Chandler definitely focuses on recreational players and we’ve seen them do what a number of European books do, which is lower limits on winning players.

They’re solely focused on attracting customers that want to have a good time opposed to all types of customers. We could criticize them much harder for this but the truth is that books like Ladbrokes, Bwin and maybe even Bet365 all have a tendency to do the same.

But if you’re not a big fish and you just want to place some action here or there, none of this really concerns you. It’s more for the professional that they concern themselves with.

Deposit Methods







Telegraphic Transfers

Western Union


Paysafe Card

Withdrawal Methods






Telegraphic Transfers


How Is Their Customer Service?

As with most of the U.K. sportsbooks, Victor Chandler has premier customer service. The fact that they pay out on time and have no complaints in regards to the security of your money is good enough for us, but they do go beyond that.

We found their live chat to be one of the fastest in regards to response time, which we liked. It’s an area where a lot of books drop the ball as the operators you chat with take forever to respond, but Victor Chander’s team did a good job. We felt that to be important as calling in is a bit of a pain for North Americans as they don’t have a non-long distance number.

As far as the rest of it goes, it’s a relatively smooth process.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Victor Chandler is all about betting and judging by the functionality of their site, they’ve got it right.

One feature we enjoyed was the fact that the back end (the betting engine) doesn’t really differ from what you see on the front page.

There’s a few sportsbooks out there that mislead you when you see a flashy front page but when you log in, it’s an old school, ugly betting engine.

But Victor Chandler does not deceive: the logged in state is almost identical to the not logged in state. Why we like that so much is that it means you don’t have to search or hunt for anything as you will already be used to the outside look.

When you log in, the only thing that changes is the middle section, which shows you your balance, account options and banking preferences. As for the sports categories on the left, or the bet slip or diary on the right, that doesn’t change at all.

So all you need to do is surf through the categories of sports, find your bets, add them to the slip and confirm.

The live betting platform is also pretty sexy. As is the case with the regular non-live betting, you can get a feel for what it looks like without having to log in.

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Reviewing The Rest Of The Victor Chandler Website

There’s not much else going on at Victor Chandler but we didn’t take issue with that. The website is nice and clean with a very organized look and an attractive color scheme.

One positive feature they do have is some live radio and video feeds, but it is very limited and tailored more to the tastes of Europeans. As with all of the books that stream some sporting content, you’re not likely to find a feed of the Miami Heat playing the Los Angeles Lakers on their site.

It’s a site that brings you betting lines, which is what most people are there to do. You won’t be distracted by anything else and truth be told, if you needed content, picks or whatever else, you can just find it on a different website on the net. Victor Chandler streamlines the action and is simply open for betting business.

Betting Variety

Victor Chandler has a big betting variety that makes you wonder how many odds makers they have to keep everything in check.

A quick count found more than 25 different sports betting categories countless more lines as you dive into each sport.

Being a book from the U.K., they’ll surely have a priority on soccer and other sports that cater to that crowd, but they don’t neglect anything that interests North Americans – that’s for sure.

Taking a brief glance at their NFL lines, they have a slew of options outside of the generic spread lines, which includes highest scoring quarters, first team to score and winning margins.

They also have a large assortment of live betting, which definitely adds to the in-game experience.

The betting variety is one of the strengths at Victor Chandler.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $1000

NBA Games: $1000

NHL Games: $1000

MLB Games: $1000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

Victor Chandler has a very modest bonus as they will give you a $38 free bet (25 Euros for U.K. players) when you deposit and get started with them. Thankfully there is no rollover attached to it.

Click here to visit Victor Chandler.

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