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Wagerweb is a quality sportsbook for all types of players, huge deposit bonus, excellent content section (Lounge), outstanding loyalty program


Minor quirks with the website; the usual limitations of a recreational sportsbook


90 /100


As sportsbooks dash out of the United States market like O.J. Simpson at a crime scene, WagerWeb soldiers on as one of the better recreational books. With a good content section, a commendable loyalty program and a solid payout history, WagerWeb can definitely be recommended.

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About Wagerweb Sportsbook

Underrated, undervalued and under-talked about is the story at WagerWeb, one of the more underappreciated sportsbook on the net. It’s not those that use them underappreciate; rather it’s those who haven’t spent the time getting to know them.

They don’t splatter banners all over the net, they don’t pay off affiliate sites and they don’t drown customers with mail. What you will find is a good quality sportsbook that still takes American players (they even take credit card too) and won’t disappear off the block in the middle of the night.

This is a good overall recreational sportsbook.

Methods of Contact

Phone: 1-855-924-3793 or 1-888-428-4322

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

WagerWeb has a mixed reputation as they have been bashed in the past for low limits, costly lines and a lack of courtship to professional players. Truth be told, while those aren’t great characteristics to have, those are simply the characteristics of a recreational sportsbook.

If you’re an expert looking to make money in this industry, which is tough to do as is, you probably wouldn’t bother with WagerWeb for a number of reasons. For sharper lines, you might opt for Pinnacle Sports. For higher limits, maybe TheGreek. But the bottom line is that many sportsbook on the internet – if not the majority – are for recreational players and that’s who they cater to.

Hand-in-hand with catering to recreational players means decent lines, but not always the earliest or sharpest. It also means that they won’t take too kindly to professional who try to outsmart them with math formulas or skilled betting and their limits will be normal, so that the average guy won’t lose his shirt while having some fun. It’s just like drinking Pepsi: they don’t cater to health freaks, they don’t falsely advertise that drinking their product makes your teeth white and they don’t try to attract people who are addicted to drinking solely water and green tea. They have a product, they have a fan base and they cater to that. That’s what WagerWeb does.

So before you read a negative review from a hardcore gambling forum about them and decide to click away, just understand the basics and you’ll realize that their behavior patterns are consistent with their identity.

As mentioned above, it’s a good recreational book so treat it as such.

Who Bets At WagerWeb?

As has been the theme through this article, this is a recreational book, which means it’s great if you’re just looking for a fun place to get some bets in on any given Sunday.

This is clearly a public book with very few sharps. Just an easy, relaxing experience for those who want to bet the major sports and have some fun.

Deposit Methods

Cashiers Check
Western Union
My Citadel
Citadel EChecks

Withdrawal Methods

Bank Wire
Western Union
Cashiers Check

How Is Their Customer Service?

Customer service at WagerWeb is pretty good overall, but there are a few qualms to be had. While the people are friendly and the operators are helpful, it’s more a couple of the specific rules or technical flaws that caught our eye.

Contacting WagerWeb isn’t too difficult as the options are mentioned above but we found the live chat to work at a snail’s pace. Also, calling in, we had caught bad lines in back-to-back tries and had to call back.

Another customer service-related nitpick is their free withdrawals, which are technically free but not exactly. As their example states, you pay the withdrawal fee up front and they put money back into your account via free play money. So if you start with $1000, withdraw $500 and the fee for that is $65, you’ll be left with $435, but they’ll put $65 back in as a free play. It’s better than nothing as some sportsbooks make you pay your fees straight up, but if we’re comparing it to the best practices, then you’d rather have them cover the cost or get cash back opposed to a free play.

Overall, their customer service is above average, but we just like to nitpick the finer points.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Betting at WagerWeb is going to be a very familiar process for any experienced bettor. They employ the old check box system where you point, click, type in the amount into a box and confirm. It’s one of those tried, tested and true engines that works well across the board.

When you login, the sports will be displayed on the left-hand side while all sorts of promos will be right down the middle. After you pick your sport, the middle section will be replaced with the lines. Find the box next to the team you want to bet, type in the amount and confirm it. It’s simple.

Methods of Betting


Reviewing The Rest Of The WagerWeb Website

WagerWeb has a nice, clean website, which is very easy to navigate. It’s relatively modern, so you’ll enjoy the looks when you login on a weekly/daily/hourly basis.

Without a doubt, one of the best features of their website is the content section, which is rich with daily sports betting previews. They do go heavy on the quantity, which is great, but the quality here is very high, which is really nice to see.

In comparison, most sportsbooks that have content sections either have anonymous writers or random news wire feeds. WagerWeb has professional Vegas handicapper Gary Greene handling the content, analysis and predictions, and it actually adds value to your betting regiment opposed to being insipid previews/recaps that you might see elsewhere.

They do a good job of staying up to day with the viral internet, which is a nice touch as well to show that they’re up with the times. Recent posts about their Miss Universe predictions or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s GQ spread actually make the section a good daily visit.

Some sportsbooks, like TheGreek, haven’t changed their home page in probably 10 years. WagerWeb definitely has their hand on the pulse and being a recreational sportsbook, it really enhances the experience as you feel like you’re hanging out with people that surf the web just like us.

Without a doubt, the website and the content section is one of the best features of WagerWeb.

Betting Variety

WagerWeb does a stellar job on variety, which is what a rec book should do.

Just like everyone else, they’ll provide lines on all major activities but they like to delve into props, which definitely caters to the casual bettor. There are often plenty of entertainment props available, as well as TV and film from time to time. They are office pools and office picks as well to round out the menu.

Unless you’re looking for Mexican backyard frog high jump, you’ll probably find what you need here.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $3000

NBA Games: $2000

NHL Games: $2000

MLB Games: $2000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

Another great highlight at WagerWeb is the loyalty program, which is often a forgotten feature by about 90% of internet sportsbooks.

You’ll find some that offer a casino or horse racing loyalty program, but WagerWeb goes above and beyond the call of duty with a sports cashback program, that’s really a great feature.

When you bet during the week, you receive loyalty points (2 for each $100 bet). The key here is you earn it on volume and not losses, so if you’re a winning better this is a nice cherry on top. The following Monday, you get 2% of your volume put back into your account as a free play.

Keep in mind there are different status levels, so you can earn more loyalty points depending on whether you’re Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum+.

You don’t have to take the rewards in free plays, though. They have a full store where you can trade your points for different merchandise – and we’re not just talking about WagerWeb t-shirts and mugs. They’ve got iPods, digital cameras, Sirius Satellite radios and GPS devices.

As Charlie Sheen would say, that’s winning.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

WagerWeb’s has a decent bonus plan, which continues along their theme of free plays.

Deposit between $25 - $250 and you get a 50% free play.

Deposit between $251-$499 and you get a 70% free play.

Deposit between $500-$1000 and you get a 100% free play.

The bonus is capped at $1000 and the rollovers are quite hefty. For the 50% bonus, you’re looking at a 10-time rollover, going up to 12 times for the 70% bonus and 15 times for the 100% bonus.

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